A kanban board for tweets and threads


Quick Setup

Sign-up, connect your Twitter account and start creating your tweets/threads within 1 minute.


Desktop Application

Run Tweetboard from a browser or from your computer like you do with Slack, Trello, Notion, or any similar tool.


Full API Access

Extend the core functionality to get your specific needs fulfilled using our fully documented RESTful API.

Our approach

Backlog your ideas

Create cards for topics or subjects you want to cover in the future.

Turn ideas into tweets and threads

Expand these ideas to proper tweets and threads using our own custom thread builder — all within the same workspace.

Set content to be reviewed

If you work within a team, setting cards to review will let your coworkers know that you are now open to get your share of comments and feedback.

Publish to Twitter

Content created within Tweetboard can be published (or scheduled) directly to Twitter through the app.

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